Will Seymour
Will Picture
What Will looks like in real life (picture done on RuneScape)
 Known As: Willaca, Will, The Hulk (at school), The Best Asian In The World (Self Proclaimed Title)
 Gender: Male
 Title: User of SNN, Administrator on ACSFW, new User on RSW
Vital Information
Residing in:
  Australia, New South Wales, Sydney
  Filipino, Australian
  Member of SCP Studios

Will Seymour (or better known as User:Willaca via Wiki) is a person you spends his time on the computer or playing his XBOX 360 Usually on his XBOX 360 he plays games in the Assassins Creed series. On the computer he usually plays RuneScape an MMORPG (which he only plays whenever he gets bored on the computer or when he get's asked to play it by his friend). And his name on RuneScape is Dagger will2. Another game he plays is Thing Thing Arena 3 which is a spin off of the Thing Thing series. The game Thing Thing is basically a 2D side scrolling shooting game. Another hobby Will has is making Facebook videos for the fun of it (he chooses not to post them on YT is because of privacy reasons). And making stickfigure comics (that he barely makes now). He also has Sonic the Hedgehog Fan Characters which can be seen here. He is also an Administrator on the wiki Archie Comics Sonic Fanon Wiki and has made the most edits there outta any Wiki he has contributed to. Will's 1st Wiki he contributed to was the Assassins Creed Wiki, then the Sonic News Network, then lastly the Archie Comics Sonic Fanon Wiki (he has contributed to other's but he barely edits the others).

SCP StudiosEdit

Will goes onto SCP 2 and SCP 4 and goes onto SCP as much as he can (due to him being a bit busy lately with his Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom). He is also planning to make a SCP Block in the future but is still currnetly deciding. He is probably considering him doing gameplay on RuneScape and exploring the Wilderness and such other dangerous places. He is also doing funny RuneScape videos.


  • Will has a deep voice which make some people think that he sounds like a 15 year old or older person. This is due to his adams apple which is quit big.
    • In a joke with his adams apple, Will sometimes ask his friends (at school) to put there finger on his neck and then Will will proceed to swallow. He has gotten several reactions when he does this mostly grossed out reactions.