Known As: SonicTheHedgehogDude



SuperStation Network


 Gender: Male
 Title: User of SNN
Vital Information
Residing in:
  "Worldwide, USA"
  Founder, Owner of SCP Studios, User of SNN, Admin of Nickelodeon Wiki, Key controller of CFTJ-TV and WQCX-TV.

SonicTheHedgehogDude (known in real life as Ryan) is a user of the Sonic News Network and the SCP Studios Wiki. He is the owner of SCP Studios and AwesomeFlash Limited.

History on WikiaEdit

He joined and started editing on SNN on November 16, 2011. After he got 100 edits, he joined chat for the first time. After being one of SNN's active chatters and editors, he requested for chat moderator and was approved by the community. In the lights of "Lil' Dude" hacking his account, SonicDude was demoted and left SNN. A few days later he rejoined, got the reputation back, and then was promoted to Rollback. After proof that RandomRock is SonicTheHedgehogDude, he was banned infinite. SonicDude admitted he was RandomRock and the ban was shortened to October 2012. SonicDude celebrates his 1st Wikiversary at November 16, 2012.

History on SCP StudiosEdit

He is the founder of the well known SCP Studios, key controller of all AwesomeFlash feeds and SSN ONE and SCP TWO.


Main Website (inactive)

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