"The News Station"
 Type: Broadcast internet channel
 Country: United States, Canada
 Availability: Global
 Owner: SCP Studios, AwesomeFlash and SSN Enterprises
Key Controller:
Launch date:
  April 20, 2012 (Closed April 20, 2013)
Former Names:
  Network 36, SCP Network, SCP ONE

Not to be confused with SCP's television joint

CFTJ-TV (called on-air as SevenSSN and SSN SuperStation or sometimes called SSN ONE, SCP ONE or SCP Network, formerly known as Network 36) is one of the 4 channels from SCP Studios and the flagship station of the SCP Network Television joint. CFTJ airs general programming. It is currently owned by AwesomeFlash Media and SCP Studios in a 50/50 ownership.


The ideas of WDSV-TV came from Pacmansonic138, who wanted a network that broadcasts animated series and SCP Originals. Pacmansonic138 and SonicDude arranged and agreed, and WDSV-TV was launched April 20, 2012. The first thing to air was the opening cutscene of Sonic Unleashed.

As WDSV starts improving on the quailty of programming, more users started to tune in to the station and broadcasts of SNN Night Live aired live on SonicDude Network.

Following a few months WDSV's branding as "SCP Network" changed to SCP ONE, and the name "SCP Network" is used the the joint which the SonicDude Network rebranded as SCP TWO and RandomRock's station SpaceGadgetTV rebranded to SCP THREE. SCP FOUR "blasted off" later then. The use of the callsign was dropped on-air.

After the confirmation that the key controller SonicTheHedgehogDude is RandomRock, Pacmansonic138 proposed "SNN TV", the current replacement of SCP ONE. After the forum called "SonicDude's Message" on SNN he is now allowed to communitcate with other users and SCP ONE and SCP TWO continues to broadcast. However SCP THREE was abandoned and later changed into an WWE News channel then a teletext channel then abandoned again.

At August 4, 2012 at the midst of a SCP crisis, SCP ONE rebrands to SSN ONE and can reuse the WDSV callsign seen on the off-air slide. SonicDude also said that SCP THREE will rebrand to "SCENE", a livestream to his old YouTube channel. A few days later SSN ONE gets a new slogan that was also the slogan for the PS One.

At November 17, 2012 WDSV changed it's call letters to CFTJ (previously CFSV) and moved from channel 36 to channel 7 on the broadcasting range.

At April 20, 2013 SevenSSN aired it's final broadcast. New SonicMundo and SCXN graphics and idents were shown. On 12:14 am/ET, SevenSSN ceases transmission.

Shows and ProgrammingEdit

All Shows airing on SevenSSN has now been moved to SCXN, Dark Arrow HUB and PMS138 Network.


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