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Music, Polls, and Q&As!
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  480p (SDTV)
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2012- Current
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2012- Current

The SCP FOUR Introdcution (often simply called "The Intro"), is the first 15 minutes that kick off each episode of SCP FOUR hosted by JaketheHedgehog. The Intro usually starts at 8:45 and is immediately followed by an episode of SCP FOUR.


The Intro consists of three seperate features packed into only 15 minutes.


JaketheHedgehog always plays music throughout the Intro. He takes requests posted on his user page as long as there aren't too many. If no requests are posted, he will most likely play Vocaloid (his favorite kind of music).


Jake will also post a poll at the start of the Intro, asking which game he will be playing during SCP FOUR. The audience will vote on which game they want and the highest voted option will be played.


Jake will answer to any questions the audience have while he waits for them to cast their votes.