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"Video Games 4 Ever!"
 Type: Broadcast Internet Channel
 Country: United States
 Availability: Global
 Owner: JaketheHedgehog (50%)

Mane 6, LLC (40%) SCP Studios (10%)

Key Controller:
Launch date:

SCP FOUR is one of the 4 channels from SCP Studios and the third, yet newest station of the SCP Network Television joint. It was founed by JaketheHedgehog (who currently holds 50% ownership) and is co- owned by SCP Studios (10%) and Mane 6, LLC (40%)


SCP FOUR consists of watching one of the owners of the channel play video games. The video game is chosen by the audience durring the Intro on a poll. Once the game is chosen, the host will play for an hour straight. The host in most cases will interact with the audience as he/she plays and ask their opininons.



SCP FOUR usually occurs on Fridays, starting with the Intro (Usually at 9:45). The Intro is the first 15 minutes that open up the show. Music requested by the audience in advance is played while the audience votes on what game will be played.


At the moment, SCP FOUR is unfortunately not broadcasting at normal one week intervals. JaketheHedgehog is currently very busy and is reluctantly unable to be present to host the show on a schedule. However, he may be able to broadcast special episodes at random when he has free time and will request the attention of the SNN Chat.