Reoi's Friends
RF Cast Picture
by Pacmansonic138
 Genre: Animated
 Format: Animated Series
Main Information
No. of seasons:
No. of episodes:
Production Information
Picture Format:
  480i: SDTV (2003-current)
Original Channel:
SevenSSN, Pacmansonic138 Network
Original Run:
2003-2008 (Series)

2012-current (Shorts)

SCP Run:
2012-2013 (SevenSSN) 2012-current (PMS138 Network)

Reoi's Friends is a cartoon series created by Pacmansonic138.

It consists of Reoi, a boy who likes crazy adventures, Little Dip, a rather angry boy who hates his nickname, Barney, an idiot who likes video games, Stacey, a girl who has a crush on Little Dip (but he does not like her at all, he finds her as an annoyance), Daisy, a rather strong girl who is a master of Dodgeball.

This show is rated TV-Y7-FV

On September 13, 2012, Reoi's Friends began airing on Pacmansonic138 Network.

Shorts ListEdit

Season 1Edit

  • Reoi tries to Fly
  • Cereal Prize
  • Blank
  • Snow
  • Penny

Season 2Edit

  • The Videotape
  • The Race
  • Reoi and Friends watch TV (August 2013)
  • Rollercoaster (TBA 2013)
  • Photobooth (TBA 2013 or 2014)

Season 3Edit

A Season 3 consisting of 10 Shorts was announced, Season 3 should premiere a few months after Season 2 ends. This season will contain all-new visuals and will be the largest production order so far.

Broadcast HistoryEdit

Reoi's Friends was a launch program to SevenSSN and was a daily fixture to the line-up since it's inception, the program was taken off for a short time after the SCP SummerShow 2012 but later returned the following month. The show continued to air on SevenSSN until April 20, 2013 when SevenSSN was shutdown in favor for SonicMundo. Pacmansonic138 Network aired the program since it's launch on September 13, 2013 with the network being launched with a marathon of the first 4 episodes and later took a short hiatus until (the yet to be broadcast) 3rd broadcast. The show is now exclusive to Pacmansonic138 Network due to the shutdown of SevenSSN.