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 Industry: Media
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  Cars Cartoons, Reoi Films
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Pacmansonic138 Productions (formerly known as Cars Cartoons Inc. and Reoi Films Inc.) is a production company that produces animated films and series, known for Reoi's Friends, Pac-Man Short Cartoons, and the SCP Original Series, Sonic Stopmotions.


Pacmansonic138 Productions formed around 2006 as Cars Cartoons Inc. by Pacmansonic138 when he was younger, he produced many series including the full-length Reoi's Friends series. In 2008, he renamed Cars Cartoons Inc. to Reoi Films Inc.

In late 2010, his computer became corrupted and all of Pac's Files including all the videos became lost, and then at the time he got an Xbox Live account known as "pacmansonic139" however he lost his password and then his Xbox 360 stopped working (he got a replacement a month later) in thus the username "pacmansonic138" was born, so he modified the videos and pictures with the 139 name in it and replaced it with the 138.

On December 28, 2011, Pac created his Wikia and YouTube accounts (his ToyNewsi and deviantART were created a month later) and PMS138 Productions began making videos and uploading them on YT and is still uploading.

The studio rebranded on Pac's Birthday on December 28, 2012.

SCP Studios HistoryEdit

When SCP Studios formed on April 7, 2012, Pacmansonic138 Productions became owned by SCP Studios by 10% while Pac owns it by 90%. PMS138 Productions continues to produce videos on YouTube and episodes of his 3 series continue to air on SSN ONE.


A Ustream Network was proposed in July 2012 by Pac, but however was scrapped due to Pac accidently getting Premium Membership (and did not want to pay). On September 13, 2012, Pac decided to give his network another try since there was a recent announcement about SCP THREE being available to adopt, thus Pacmansonic138 Network was officially launched.



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