Pacmansonic138 Network
PMS138 Network Logo
"Toon In!"
 Type: Broadcast internet channel
 Country: United States
 Availability: Global
 Owner: Pacmansonic138, SCP Studios
Key Controller:
  Pacmansonic138 (everything except broadcasting), SonicTheHedgehogDude (broadcasting)
Launch date:
  September 13, 2012

Pacmansonic138 Network (PMS138 Network for short, formerly known as SSN Scene and SCP THREE) is the 3rd SCP Station replacing SSN SCENE (ironically, SCENE replaces 2 other SCP Stations), it broadcasts programs made by Pac himself, it is owned by Pacmansonic138 by 80% while SCP Studios owns 20%. It launched on September 13, 2012 starting with a Reoi's Friends marathon. This is the only thing operated by Pacmansonic138 Productions that did not rebrand on December 28, 2012.

Since the shutdown of SevenSSN, Reoi's Friends and Pac-Man Short Cartoons are now exclusive to Pacmansonic138 Network. Starting with the Reoi 10th Anniversary marathon, new episodes of both Reoi and Pac-Man will premiere on PMS138 Network first before being uploaded onto YouTube.

Current ProgrammingEdit

Upcoming ProgrammingEdit