Pac in Person, sorta
Pac himself, as he appears in "What Call of Duty did to Children"
 Known As: Pacmansonic138
 Gender: Male
 Title: User of SNN, The Weirdo
Vital Information
  Art-Designer of SCP Studios, Pacmansonic138 Productions owner

Pacmansonic138 is the SCP Co-Founder and former Co-Owner, he now is currently the second Art Designer of SCP Studios. He owns Pacmansonic138 Productions and a network

About Pacmansonic138Edit

He is just your typical nerd, dork, whichever insult is necessary, he likes classic video games and cartoons along with some new ones, he however, has a strong hatred towards certain modern cartoons.

History on SCP StudiosEdit

He is the Co-Founder and former Co-Owner (Bullet Francisco is the current Co-Owner). He is the one who came up with the idea of SSN ONE (at the time was called SCP Network), and also was the one who made most of the network's bumpers.

Around Early July, Pac became a little angry, he constantly had headaches and had a short temper, and some users sort of made him angry, and before SCP SummerShow 2012 started, he snapped and left SCP.

On August 21, he came back to Wikia to start fresh, he rejoined SCP and became a second Art designer.