And yet his face is still a mystery.
 Known As: Bullet Francisco, Starphoria, Phoriastar, bagelbass, bagelbassboss
 Gender: Male
 Title: Administrator of the Sonic News Network
Vital Information
Residing in:
  Cincinnati, Ohio
  American, Filipino
  Co-owner of SCP Studios, administrator of SNN, YouTube Let's Player, Nintendo Independent Wiki Alliance staff member.

Kyle (known on SCP Studios and Wikia as Bullet Francisco) is an former user and administrator of the Sonic News Network and the SCP Studios Wiki. He is the former co-owner of SCP Studios.

History on SCP StudiosEdit

Starting out as a regular member, Kyle quickly became an administrator and bureaucrat at SCP Studios Wiki. He later gained the trust of the SCP Studios members, and was eventually voted in as a co-owner of SCP Studios. He is currently a SCP Studios graphic artist, and currently runs the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show on SCP Studios, and Mane 6.

On January 9, 2013 Kyle resigns as Co-Leader and gives it to The Shadow Of Darkness .