Jake The Hedgehog Emblem
That's Just How He Rolls...
 Known As: Jake, JaketheHedgehog135, Jet, Jet135, Shadowseeker531, Crazy, #7
 Gender: Male
Vital Information
Residing in:
  Sonic News Network
  SCP FOUR Founder, Broadcaster, & 50% Share Holder

JaketheHedgehog (more often reffered to as Jake) is a well known and active user of the Sonic News Network and edits on a much smaller scale at other various wikis. He is the founder and main broadcaster of the gaming channel of SCP Studios, SCP FOUR.


Jake began editing on the Sonic News Network on December 1st, 2010 and has been actively contributing there ever since he joined. He attained the status of Rollback in less than one year, and was granted the promotion during the fall season. On the request of his friends, he began to work on other wikis for short periods of time. He was even given the status of Beaurocrat on the Knuckles The Echidna Wiki by one of his best friends, Bullet Francisco. Unfortunately, he was banned twice from the SNN (one time because of the misunderstandings, the other because of his stubborness) and stripped of his Rollback status. However, he has been able to quickly gain back the the trust of the community both times he returned. He has become less active lately due to an increase in school work and time restraints that limit when he is available online.


Jake is the founder of the gaming division of SCP FOUR and airs the show weekly on Fridays. He broadcasts from the channel he made specifically for SCP FOUR. He usually starts at 9:45 with the Intro unless a delay has come up. After the Intro, Jake will proceed to play either a PS2 game (on his poorer quality television), Xbox 360 game, or Wii game (both on his better quality television) for an hour straight. He tries to interact with the audience as much as possible and is open to suggestions. If Jake is unavailable for some reason, either SonicTheHedgehogDude or one of the Mane 6 will host the show in his stead.


  • Jake's catch phrase is "That's Just How I Roll!".
  • Jake is a big fan of Vocaloid music.
  • Jake's favorite food is sushi.
  • A space on his user page has been spicifically made for music requests to be played during the Intro.
  • Jake is by far one of the strangest people you will meet.