Dark Arrow HUB
Pre-Launch Logo
 Type: Internet Broadcast channel (via Powerpoint)
 Country: United States
 Availability: Global
 Owner: Dark Arrow Productions (90%), SCP Studios (7%), AwesomeFlash (2%)
Key Controller:
  The Shadow of Darkness
Launch date:
  September 1st, 2012

Dark Arrow HUB is an upcoming SCP channel that features various new blocks exclusive to the channel.


  • Dark Arrow Picks
  • Action Blow-Up
  • Sonic: Black and White
  • Dark SCPlayback
  • Good Morning SCP

Special Programs/BlocksEdit

  • Dark Fright Night (October 27th, 2012)

Launch Month ProgramingEdit

Upcoming ProgramingEdit

  • Batman: The Animated Series
  • Phineas and Ferb
  • Team Fortress: Recall
  • Let's Play with Darkness


Coming soon.....

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