AwesomeFlash 10
AwesomeFlash SSN 10 Logo
"Wherever. Whenever. Forever."
 Type: Broadcast Internet Channel
 Country: United States, Canada
 Availability: Global
 Owner: SCP Studios, AwesomeFlash
Key Controller:
Launch date:
  February 2, 2012
Former Names:
  SonicDude Network

CFSV-TV (called on-air as AwesomeFlash Network and sometimes called SCP TWO, formerly SonicDude Network) is one of the 4 channels from SCP Studios and the secondary, yet oldest station of the SCP Network Television joint. WQCX airs live programming. It is currently owned by AwesomeFlash Media and SCP Studios in a 50/50 ownership. It is currently silent and haven't air any final broadcast.

Shows and ProgrammingEdit

Current ProgrammingEdit

Former ProgrammingEdit

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