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 Type: Enterprise
 Industry: Media
Background Information
  SonicDude Productions
Area Served:
  SSN, AwesomeFlash Network,
  SCP Studios
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AwesomeFlash Enterprises, LLC (commonly called as AwesomeFlash Media, formerly known as SonicDude Productions) is an American media company responcible in the production and marketing of SCP Studios, LLC and all live streams from SCP Studios. The company owns and operates internet television network group SCP Network, a YouTube channel, as well as a website and many services.


AwesomeFlash started as SonicDude Productions, and responsible for the broadcasting of SCP TWO . In the starting of Summer 2012, SonicDude Productions became reformed, dissoved and reformed again as AwesomeFlash. Their production arm is SCP Studios and AwesomeFlash Productions.

Services, Arms and companysEdit

  • AwesomeFlash Broadcasting Services (AFB) is an agency of SCP Studios and AwesomeFlash, established in 2012 to be responsible for all SCP Studios feed- the world feeds provided to all SCP Networks from 2012 on, and provide continuity in broadcasting from one station to the next.
  • AwesomeFlash Productions is the production arm of AwesomeFlash, and responsible for teletext and news coverage.
  • SCP Studios, LLC (formerly known as SNN Productions) is an American media and entertainment company engaged in the production and marketing of entertainment, news, and information products and services to a global customer base. The company owns and operates internet television networks, a YouTube channel, as well as a website, a news department and several television production companies.
  • SCP Network is a joint run by AwesomeFlash Media, JaketheHedgehog and SuperStation Network licenced with SCP Studios. SCP Network consisted of 4 networks.

AwesomeFlash also owns licenced names for SCP, such as SuperStation Network and SSN.