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• 5/25/2018

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• 4/7/2013

Transition from SevenSSN to SonicMundo

If you haven't seen the edit I made on SevenSSN's article stating that it will cease operations on it's birthday, April 20, 2013 and it will be replaced by the brand new Sonic/Mundo (network).
We shall start moving shows from SevenSSN to Sonic/Mundo however since SevenSSN's target is mainly to the community of the Sonic News Network (just like Speedway Productions) and SonicMundo (both network and YouTube channel) target is to the general Sonic fanbase, this can be a problem because some shows such as SCP Night Live, etc may not be suitable for what's Sonic/Mundo going right now. So all I'm asking is what shows from SevenSSN should we move to Sonic/Mundo.


SNN Night Live (May 5, 2012-present) Major Change Pending
Minutes on SNN (May 18, 2012-present)
All SSNnews produced programs, merge with SonicMundo News Pending
Super Sonic Stopmotions (August 4, 2012-present)
Sonic Speedrun Channel (May 12, 2012-present)
Sonic X (April 20, 2012-September 7, 2012; January 1, 2013-present)
Sonic SatAM (May 5, 2012-present)
Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (May 13, 2012-present)
Sonic Underground (June 2, 2012-present)
Sonic Stopmotions (June 2, 2012-present)

Pac-Man Short Cartoons (August 25, 2012-present) Moving to PMS138
Reoi's Friends (April 20, 2012-present) Moving to PMS138
Sonic MovieZ (May 20, 2012-present)

Super Smash Bros: The Series (August 4, 2012-present)
SonicTheHedgehogDudeHedgehog Reborn  14:40, April 7, 2013 (UTC)
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• 2/5/2013

SCP Studios Shutdown

This is been in my head in a while but due to the lack of original programming we're making and low viewership on both SevenSSN and SCP TWO also SCP FOUR, it's time to annouce if that SCP Studios will cease operations by the end of this month. Please have your say here and we would have a vote if SCP will continue operations. SCP FOUR which is owned by JaketheHedgehog will not be shut down, 100% of the owning rights goes back to him. Mane 6 is also not affected, expect that SCP would lose it's owning rights.
And if you do oppose this, please say why because we don't want something that is online and there's no activity.

Insert Here
Insert Here

Time Biter
Insert Here
SonicTheHedgehogDudeHedgehog Reborn  02:01, February 5, 2013 (UTC)
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